School of Pediatrics

Pediatric service of the Ministry of healthcare of Kazakhstan in the system of primary health care (PHC) in the last 10 years was carried out on the Model of the European Institute for General practitioners (GPS) are close to the system of medical care family doctor. This resulted in the transfer of the entire volume of outpatient care for children, previously performed by a pediatrician, into the hands of a General practitioner who serves adults and children together.

This reform did not lead to an improvement in the quality of care, prevention and diagnostic work. Therefore, taking into account the state of medical care for children, the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted a resolution to reopen pediatric faculties, starting from September 2017.

Currently, the number of pediatricians in the country is 2 per 10,000 children, i.e. 900-1000 pediatricians in the whole country. But in the coming years, it is expected to increase the number of doctors who provide medical care to children in PHC by more than 2 times.

In 2017 from September 1, resumed the admission of students in KazNMU in accordance with SES – 2017 majoring 5В130300 “Pediatrics”, respectively, license No. KZ50LAA00009777 of the Ministry of education and science for educational activities in the specialty “5В130300 — Pediatrics, 5 years+2” 20 July 2017.

In 2017, on September 1, the first enrollment of students in the Kazakh national medical University named after S. D. Asfendiyarov in the specialty 5B130300 “Pediatrics”took place. Currently, 466 students study at the University in the specialty 5B130300 “Pediatrics”.

From 2018 to 2020, the dean of the faculty was Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases A. K. Katarbayev.
Currently, the training of pediatricians is headed by the dean of the School of Pediatrics Sydykova Saule Ilyasovna-Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor.